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Methyl tin stabilizer

Methyl tin stabilizer
Methyl tin stabilizer
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Product Description

Methyl tin stabilizer or named Methyl tin mercaptide is a kind of plastic heat stabilizer, which is very effective for the calendering, extrusion, injection molding and blow molding of PVC.

Because of its high safety, it is especially suitable for food packaging and high-definition rigid PVC products (such as transparent sheet, plate, heat shrinkable film, etc.), at the same time, it is also widely used in plastic doors and windows, water supply pipes, decorative materials to replace other high toxic plastic heat stabilizers. It has been widely used in America, Europe and Japan.. Because its thermal stability is much better than other organotin heat stabilizers, and gives products more excellent performance, the product is welcomed by many large-scale PVC processing enterprises, and becomes an indispensable key auxiliary in the processing of UPVC.

Methyl tin stabilizer is a high efficient stabilizer in the process of PVC heat treatment. Its stability, transparency, compatibility and weather resistance are superior to other organic tin heat stabilizers. It is widely used in the processing of PVC sheets, plates, pipes and blow molded injection products, and can be used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and non-toxic and harmless PVC products. Methyl tin has been used as stabilizer for all kinds of PVC products with high hygienic requirements, such as food, medicine packaging, pipes and containers for storing and delivering drinking water. The product has the advantages of pure color, minimal odor, rapid disappearance and reliable safety performance. Under the same effect, the amount of methyltin is 15-20% less than that of the same organotin stabilizer

Methyl tin mercaptide MH-181, countertype to DOW TM-181,is an advanced liquid methyl tin mercaptide stabilizer for rigid poly vinyl chloride processing of calendering, extruding and injection. It provides excellent retention of initial color together with superior dynamic heat stability, clarity, weatherability and little dosage in the applications. Due to its high performance and environmental friendly, methyl tin mercaptide has replaced the high-toxic PVC heat stabilizers in many applications day by day.

Physicochemical Properties


Methyl tin Mercaptide

Chemical formula





Content of stannum (%)




Viscosity (25 PaS)


Specific gravity (20 )



Package:iron, plastic barrel net weight:220Kg


More than 200 tons/month

Product Benefits and Application

  • High heat stabilization and excellent initial color
  • Good Transparency and Weatherability
  • Little dosage, about 15-20% less than Butyl Tin and Octyl Tin.
  • High safety, suitable for food package, maximum dosage is 2%.
  • It is suitable to the process of calendaring, extruding and injection for rigid PVC.

Material Safety Data Sheets

MSDS are available outlining hazards and safe handling methods.

Storage, Packing & Transportation

MH181 Packed in 220kg drum.Avoid insolation, drench.Stored in cool and draughty place, shelf life: one year.


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